Fighter’s Story Spine

Once upon a time…there was a boxer called Mickey Ward who lived in a working-class suburb of Boston training to be a boxer.

Every day….he would train with his brother to try to win a welterweight title

But one day….he was put into the ring with an opponent who was much heavier than he was, and he was figuratively and literally crushed.

Becase of that…he withdrew from the boxing world, disheartened and discouraged.

Because of that…his father steps in to help him with this training, setting him up with a new trainer and manager, and away from the influence of his brother.

Because of that….his game, confidence, and opportunities to fight, increase.

Until finally….he wins several games, including one pivotal one which he wins after following the guidance of his brother.

And ever since then…he teamed up with his family and continues to have a very succesfull boxing career.


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